Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Select audio from my recent Hermiston trip

As promised, here are some sound files of some of the records I bought from my last entry:

Elmer Bernstein - Poi And Juice (2.83mb)
From the Staccato soundtrack, nice jazz here. "Poi And Juice"? I don't get it either.

Biddu & The Orchestra - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon (4.87mb)
Biddu offering Indian good vibes to disco. Good? You be the judge.

The Brass Explosion Orchestra - Oh Girl (2.54mb)
This one is nice, actually.

Bill Doggett - Soft (3.33mb)
Not as heavy as Jimmy Smith, but some niec and pleasant B-3 goodness here.

Jackie Gleason - Yesterday (4.29mb)
Was Jackie Gleason one of the first TV stars to "loan" his name to countless albums, even if he really didn't have anything to do with them? This one is from an album offering "new" sounds to the "now sound". In this case, it's adding a sitar and tabla to The Beatles' "Yesterday", which Paul wouldn't have done. This is one of 3000+ versions of "Yesterday", collect them all.

Henry Mancini - What's Happening!! Theme (2.89mb)
A harmonica solo? Is this supposed to give the song a "down home" feel, or did they just have a guy in the studio who was waiting for his ride home? It still works.

Joe Pass - Nowhere Man (3.59mb)
Light-hearted Beatles cover from the World Pacific vaults. I like how Pass adds a few extra touches in his solo, as if to say "these Beatles guys STILL have nothing."

Howard Roberts - Cantaloupe Island (4.61mb)
Produced by the one and only David Axelrod, Howard Roberts' Spinning Wheel album produces a great performance of a Herbie Hancock hit, and the band allow themselves to look outward.