Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thrift Store Adventures: July 9, 2007, Richland, Washington

Made it to Value Village in Richland, Washington, the thrift store across the street from Castle Superstore. I still only had so much with me, but I had to back to get those comedy albums before it was (cue the dramatic music) too late.

Here is what I made it out with:

The Congress Of Wonders-Revolting (Fantasy 7016; white label promo)
FIB-In Radio (FIB Recording Communications)
Hudson & Landry-Right-Off! (Dore (LP 329)
Robert Klein-Child Of The 50's (Brut/Buddah 6001)
Robert Klein-Mind Over Matter (Brut/Buddah 6601)
Martin Mull-I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved (ABC AB-997)
National Lampoon-Lemmings (MCA BTS-6006)
Proctor & Bergman-TV Or Not TV (Columbia KC 32199)
Dick Purtan-The Best of Dick Purtan (Purtan's People PP-001)

Haven't had time to listen to all of them, but I will compile the best and turn it into a podcast.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thrift Store Adventures: July 7, 2007, Kennewick, Washington

I live a sad existence my friends. How can a thrift store junkie like myself not buy anything for a full three months? Patience, my friends, patients.

I visited a new thrift store I hadn't been into before called the Columbia Industries Thrift Center and the records weren't easy to find. Once I got there, the records were jammed into a rack definitely not made for records. There were also two drawers full of the usual suspects. Still being limited in the fundage department, I did select three records:

Image Hosted by
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
Greatest Hits
(United Artists; 1976)

I have heard "Treat Her Like A Lady" and one of my all time favorite songs, "Too Late To Turn Back Now", many times. I even have a very scratchy 45 of "Too Late To Turn Back Now", but have never seen any of their albums, nor have I ever came across any photos of them until today.

The left on the rise looks like she actually has grey eyebrows, but she decided to dye them (or something) at the last minute before the photo shoot. However, it's not about that, it's about the music, and this album has eight songs I've never heard. Each of them great songs, great singing. I generally know how a lot of these artists look, since I've come across their records many times, but not in this case.

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Lamont Dozier
Right Here
(Warner Bros.; 1976)

I've had a 45 for one of the songs on this, and seeing this caught me by surprise. I think I have another Lamont Dozier album, so I wanted to check this one out too. This one has much more of a disco influence, but it's the ballads and mid-tempo tracks that work quite well.

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Pink Floyd
(Harvest; 1971)

What can you say about this album that hasn't been said? Pink Floyd aren't a band whose records you regularly see at thrift stores, so this came as a surprise. I never had this album on vinyl, which is odd considering it is one of my favorite albums. It was nice to see the pulsating groove within "One Of These Days" and the funky part within "Echoes". My copy was crispy but still playable, and it was great to play it in its original format.

I went to another thrift store just outside of town, and what I discovered made me want to just leave, but in a good way. I had only a few dollars, but what they had was a stack of records that I felt I NEEDED to pick up. It's not a true need, more of an artificial desire to want it, take home, and listen (just listen). I'm pondering on going back on Sunday to get as many albums as possible with what I have.