Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thrift Store Adventures: July 22, 2006: Hermiston, Oregon

I need to update this page a bit more, I apologize to those who may have had high hopes. Unfortunately this entry is not going to be too encouraging either.

The only think that was of value was seeing the price of gas when I got into Oregon. $2.95 a gallon. There was a station that sold diesel for much cheaper, but you had to have a card.

I went to Goodwill today, in the hopes of finding something. After driving 30 or so miles you'd think there would be one good record right? NOPE! But I did make it out with a Lynn Anderson quadraphonic 8-track, which I may put up on eBay.

As I was heading home, I went to this area where there are three antique stores. There was a Merle Haggard 45 on Capitol, but I thought eh, I don't need it. Second store was fill of nicknacks, so I avoided it and went to the third one. There was a nice direct drive turntable, but part of the arm looked funny to me. Only $10, so maybe it wasn't as bad. Quite a few albums, a few good ones although the vinyl looked shot. I was originally going to make it out with an album by Dennis Coffey and it looked like your typical thrift store run-down record. I go to the cashier and the lady says "you did see how much this was, right?" Eight dollars for a record that was in VG condition and a cover that wasn't too good looking either. I told her I didn't want it.

On top of that, it was HOT AS FUCK. Goodwill was air conditioned, but the antique stores? Fat man in an antique store? Yeah, I was sweating alright, and not a good sweat.

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