Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thrift Store Adventures: March 8, 2007, Richland, Washington

Richland Goodwill looked a bit empty today. Not sure if they are just rearranging things, are closing (which I doubt), or are about to move to a new location, I didn't see any signs indicating a move.

The records were moved but was easy to find, and the selection was kinda junk. Lots of... junk. The only good thing about going through a lot of crap is seeing Helen Reddy's face. Yeah, I said it.

But there was one album that I found, in the last section of records. I haven't listened to it yet:

G.I. Gurdjieff/Sacred Hymns
(ECM/Warner Bros. 1980)

Keith Jarrett is one of my favorite jazz musicians, but to keep up with him means having to spend an incredible amount of money. If you stay the vinyl route, you may find more music easier. This album is just Jarrett solo, playing the music of G.I. Gurdjieff. I enjoy hearing Jarrett in this form as well as with other musicians, and you get to hear him play the songs directly and at times move in and out of it wherever he feels. Very haunting at times, the perfect "Sunday Morning" album.

Also found a 45, bought because it had Steve Alaimo's name on it.
The Mornings Come/Forever
(Warner Bros.)

This is what they looked like:

The music is pure pop, deep pop, full of lush voices and whatnot. Some of the vocals are interesting. "Forever", the B-side, is even less worthy. Not to my liking, but interesting.

Keith Jarrett-Meditation (2mb)
Mercy-The Mornings Come (3mb)

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florian said...

Dear John!
Would you be so kind and upload the song Mercy-The Mornings Come again? The download link doesn't work anymore and i need and love that song!!!
Thank you very much!!!
Kind regards,