Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thrift Store Adventures: July 9, 2007, Richland, Washington

Made it to Value Village in Richland, Washington, the thrift store across the street from Castle Superstore. I still only had so much with me, but I had to back to get those comedy albums before it was (cue the dramatic music) too late.

Here is what I made it out with:

The Congress Of Wonders-Revolting (Fantasy 7016; white label promo)
FIB-In Radio (FIB Recording Communications)
Hudson & Landry-Right-Off! (Dore (LP 329)
Robert Klein-Child Of The 50's (Brut/Buddah 6001)
Robert Klein-Mind Over Matter (Brut/Buddah 6601)
Martin Mull-I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved (ABC AB-997)
National Lampoon-Lemmings (MCA BTS-6006)
Proctor & Bergman-TV Or Not TV (Columbia KC 32199)
Dick Purtan-The Best of Dick Purtan (Purtan's People PP-001)

Haven't had time to listen to all of them, but I will compile the best and turn it into a podcast.

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