Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thrift Store Archives: Chris Hills

Chris Hills - My Baby Said She Loved Me This Morning (4.01mb)
Is this a pre-cursor to Beck Hansen?

Chris Hills had an album out on Vanguard, featuring one Jim Pepper. When the late Herbie Mann was given the luxury of having his own label, Pepper was one of the artists he considered. The label was the great Embryo Records, which released both jazz and rock recordings. If you weren't into William S. Fischer, you could buy Air. Or Chris Hills.

The album is credited to Chris Hills/Everything Is Everything, the name of his band. The music mixes up soul with blues and rock, and this one takes a huge risk by being EXTRA soulful. You hear that first high note and you may say OUCH!, but it's funny but you're laughing with him to the point where you end up dancing.


mtbayer said...

My Baby said..... That's not on the Chris Hills/Everything is Everything album I have. Mine has Witchi Tai To, the only Native American style music that crossed over as far as I know back in the 70s or 60s. (Jim Pepper did the vocal on that one too.) Great stuff, I wonder what ever happened...

mtbayer said...

One additional thought, my favorite on that album was Funkey Monkey