Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thrift Store Archives: Willie Tee

Willie Tee - Love Of A Married Man (3mb)
In honor of Wilson "Willie Tee" Turbington, who passed away on September 11th at the age of 63.

I found this on a 45 a few years ago in Hermiston, Oregon not at a thrift store, but at an antique shop. There was a pile of 45's in the middle of cups and watches, it was on Capitol with the red and orange label, and it said it was produced by Heavy Productions. In other words, David Axelrod. The 45 was purchased for about 50 cents (if I remember correctly), brought it home, and out game this well orchestrated soul song that was about a man who was tempted by the fruit of another. He tells the woman in question that he has a good life, she should've been around when he was free to mingle.

Tee would later help put together The Gaturs, and had a hand in The Wild Magnolias as well. Because of his early work, and the work with The Gaturs and The Wild Magnolias, Tee would become a huge influence in the soul and funk music scenes of New Orleans, some of which would find their way in hip-hop through samples.

Rest in p.e.a.c.e, Wilson.

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