Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thrift Store Archives: The Spiritual Wonders

The Spiritual Wonders - Use Me Lord (3.33mb)
The Spiritual Wonders - I'll Range For Him (3.89mb)
I found this 45 at the Goodwill in trusty Pasco, WA, and it surprised me because I had a feeling that it might be some good gospel music instead of some of th junk I have come across over the years. The actual credit reads The Spiritual Wonders of Detroit, Michigan, so I had to take this home.

The Spiritual Wonders seem to be a vocal group with full band backing, and this band is quite funky, at least in a gospel manner, as indicated by the A-side, "Use Me Lord". No date is given, but since the songs are mixed in stereo, I would say it is of early 70's vintage (with the exception of jazz, record labels didn't place stereo mixes on 45's until 1969, as they began to phase out mono).

"I'll Range For Him" is a bit more low-key but still retains the power that the group tries to present and share with its listeners.

If anyone has information on this group or the band, please contact me.

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H said...

I found your blog while searching out information on the gospel Group Spiritual Wonders, an all male A Capella group for a buddy, Darnell O'Neal. His grandfather Rev. George O'Neal was a member. When I found your site and asked my friend if "Use Me Lord" was one of their songs he instantly recognized the title. He also recognized the B-side "I'll Range"! So I have to ask if you ever learned anything else about the Spiritual Wonders? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could respond to me at: